The Skin We're In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power

A pretty damning read on how far Canada has to go on dealing with systemic racism. Like many Canadians, I knew things were bad, but this spelt out how truly bad it is. If the situation in the US was not reason enough to convince me that we need to defund the police, then this is it. While the book was not setting out to necessarily claim this message, that was my own conclusion. The police seemed to be a recurring undercurrent to the issues POC face today.

Two snippets that really struck me:

Ryan Reid fatally shooting Jermaine Carby

Peel Regional Police officer Ryan Reid was never charged for fatally shooting Jermaine Carby, [...] during a traffic stop in September 2014. [Reid] wouldn’t have done anything differently — he said with Carby’s mother and family members in the hearing room.

Officer Louie Cerqua on shooting and killing Michael Eligon

With the high stress situation like that, you’re going to resort to your firearm, it’s the only real option you have.


  • Rating: *****
  • Author: Desmond Cole
  • ISBN: 9780385686341